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I f*cking hate my web connection...

2010-06-21 23:57:35 by PKShadow

Everywhere else in my house there is high-f*cking-speed internet, and in my room there is barely a trickle! The router is conspiring against me, I say! It's in league with the toaster (it hates me, never cooks my toast right >.>)! Sometimes it's okay, but when I really need it the most, it flakes out on me!
Aside from all that... I haven't really stuck to my personal promise of doing more on the internet, seeing as my last post was in January... Wow... Maybe I should make a commitment to write a new post weekly or at least every two weeks... I may have to stab myself with a rusty spoon to motivate myself, though...


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2010-06-22 03:00:14

I also hate your web connection.