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Pyro Collab Part Finished!

2008-12-30 13:58:50 by PKShadow

I finished my part for the Pyro Collab today! I sent it in a few minutes ago, and I hope it will actually be used and/or is good enough. Ughanation is in charge of the collab, and I don't know when he would release the flash. Keep your eyes open for it, if you want, I don't care...

Pyro Collab Part Finished!

I'm joining a collab..

2008-11-10 18:18:51 by PKShadow

I guess... It's the Pyro Collab. It would be my first real opportunity to use flash, besides school.
Somehow I doubt it would be used, but there's always a chance. :) Look it up in the forums for more info.


2008-11-09 13:57:54 by PKShadow

I've finally made my debut on Newgrounds! Sweet! I've been coming here for months, but I've never had the guts to sign up. So, leave some comments I'd like to meet the people here. :D